Exploration Photo Session

Hey friends!  Its definitely been awhile since I posted on my blog!  I wanted to share with you all, my most recent photo shoot that I did out in the nature with my best friend, Swasti.  We always have so much crazy fun together, and this day was just as incredible!  I hope you guys will enjoy some of the photos from the shoot, (below).  We had to do a mini, but intense hike to get down to this creek!  🙂



I am still booking shoots through the end of this year!  I love meeting & shooting with new people!  As you can tell from the photos, I love adventuring & exploring!


Never stop exploring!  Thanks for stopping by!

– Tenee Nicole

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me


DSC_0610.jpg1.)  I can’t stand horror movies; and will most likely never watch one again.

2.)  When I was 5 years old (until current – 24yrs), I have spent all of my birthdays at Disneyland Resort.

3.)  My parents & the doctors all thought that I was a baby boy.. until I was born.. surprise!

4.)  I have always been terrified of haunted houses (real or fake), and refuse to go through one.

5.)  My favorite smell (besides Main Street USA @ Disney), is fresh printed newspaper.

6.)  When I was really young, before I discovered Green Day my all time fav, I loved Hilary Duff and owned her cds.

7.)  My dream job is working as a pharmacist in a veterinary hospital.

8.)  I was born & raised in San Jose, CA and have lived in the area all my life.  The only other state that I have visited is Indiana.

9.)  I have one younger brother, and one older half sister that lives in Alaska!

10.)  I have severe “blood-injury-injection phobia”.  I am horrified of blood tests and any medical needles.


Thanks for reading & stopping by!


What’s in my Disney bag?

I have been asked quite a few times how I prepare for a Disney trip, and what do I pack in my bag for a long day in the parks.  I will try to keep this as short as possible and link the items below if you guys are interested!

1.)  CAMERA!  I shoot with the Nikon D3300, but I would suggest any of the newer Nikons.  Your camera is crucial for the parks!

You can get it HERE


2.)  SUNSCREEN.  My sunscreen is a “make up sunscreen”.  It’s good for cover up + protection! There are probably tons of other great choices out there for sunscreen + make up, but make sure you get one!!

Get it HERE


3.)  EARS!  I have a few pairs of ears from Disneyland but after wearing them for a long time they hurt my head.  I am now getting my ears from Paulie’s Bowtique.  She has SO many choices plus she makes custom ears!  Just tell her what you want!  Her ears are super lightweight + comfortable.

Check out her shop HERE

Her Instagram: HERE


4.)  BUTTONS!  Okay guys, Disney buttons are a MUST for the parks & for pictures!  Unfortunately, the shop that I used to get my buttons at, closed.  So I will link a few of my other favorites below!

Parkbound Buttons

OR try here

I would always get them from Vivid Buttons.  If he re-opens shop, try HERE


5.)  WATER.  We bring our own water into the parks to save money, as water in DLR is very pricey.  You can always get free water from Starbucks inside the parks.  We prefer to  buy our own bottled water outside the park.


6.)  WALLET.  Obviously, right?  I like to change up my wallets but the one I bring to the parks I’ll link below.

Disney wallet


7.)  LIP BALMS (+ ANY OTHER COSMETICS)  I try to use as much of only Burt’s Bees products as I can.  I absolutely LOVE Burt’s Bees because it’s all natural and very moisturizing.  I will ONLY wear & buy cruelty-free cosmetics!  I’ll link some of my favorite brands below.

Burt’s Bees

Wet n’ Wild


8.)  THE BACKPACK.  I almost forgot to link the main thing!  The bag!  I adore this backpack not only because of the cute print, but also because it’s very spacious!  Shop it below.

Mickey Mouse backpack


9.)  MOPHIE PORTABLE CHARGER.  This is seriously the best thing ever!  Much needed for long park days!

Shop it HERE

10.)  EXTRA HAIR TIES, A LOT.  I’m not going to link this one.. pretty explanatory.


I’ll most likely add more later guys!  Thanks for stopping by!





Me vs. Anxiety disorder

Ever since I was 17 years old; I knew something was different with me.  I just felt like I thought about things much harder.  Sometimes experienced these sensations of fear, doom, the unknown, overthinking everything until I wanted to escape out of my own body, etc.   Flash forward to age 20.  Diagnosed with severe panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder.  There is such a stigma around mental health, even still to this day, and it is fucking ridiculous.  People will accept and tell you to feel better and have a speedy recovery if you break your leg.  On the other hand if you are anxious or depressed, people will say “try to have a better day” or “suck it up be stronger”.  WHY is it okay in our society to break your arm or leg but not okay if your brain breaks?  ANY part of our bodies can break.  We are human beings.  We are all made up differently and constantly changing throughout our lives.

I just want to say that IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY.  You don’t have to be fucking happy all the time.  It’s okay to go through weeks or even months with these kinds of conditions.  Just make sure to get help and take care of yourself.  It’s all about self love.  Don’t worry about what others think or if they are judgmental.  It’s YOUR LIFE!  Live life the way that you want to and do what makes you happy!  Because in the end, it’s all about Y O U.  Life is not about pleasing others or trying to be “perfect”.  There is NO perfect in this world.  Just be the best that you can be.  I will always be an advocate for mental health.  Some people will never understand what we go through everyday or even just some days.  People cannot know because they have not walked in your shoes.  Anyways, MAY is mental health awareness month.  I know I’m a little early; but I just wanted to say to anyone that deals with these conditions: you are one very strong, badass person and never stop fighting.

People need to open their EYES.  Mental health is just as important (if not MORE important) than physical health.  Never give up and always be the best YOU that you can be. xx  Thanks for reading!




— Tenee


Getting ready for Spring time!

Hello friends!  If you know me, you know that I love Spring and Summer time!  Winter has always been a very hard season for me to get through, even growing up as a kid.  As Spring and Summer approach us, I will be booking more photo shoots AND sharing some of my very own Spring/Summer style!  I absolutely adore the bright and pastel colors this time of year!

I’ll share some photos down below of a recent shoot that I did, showing some Spring style!  Thanks for stopping by!

– Tenee



Valentines Day fun

Hi friends!  It’s definitely been a while, but I’m back! Since Valentines Day is right around the corner, I wanted to share a few photos that I took at a recent shoot.  I love capturing fun moments of others!  I hope you enjoy them!  Have a great V-Day friends!


– Tenee


IMG_0363IMG_0382IMG_0374 copyIMG_0380IMG_0373-1IMG_0392

My fondest Disneyland memory

“Hollywood, 1939, Amid the glitz and the glitter of a bustling, young movie town at the height of its golden age…”

Since I was nine years old, I have been fascinated with the Tower of Terror in DCA. I remember when it first opened and I just loved getting those “I survived” & “I took the dare” stickers. I loved the vintage, beautiful Hollywood atmosphere and the bell hops that always made the experience creepy and magical. 

Of course there are many rides that I adore at Disneyland; but none of them made me feel that special spark that Tower did. I know most of us are sad because of the closing of the ride; but I will keep these memories in my heart forever. The Hollywood Tower Hotel will always remain open to the true believers.. and I’m never checking out. From being nine years old going on the ride with my family, to now in my twenties, the ride has always made me feel something extra magical. I especially loved it when we were in the loading zone one time, ready to get on the ride and I saw a bell hop pull a candle out of one of the lanterns, through his ear, and back out. That eeriness of the Tower and the way that the bell hops are SO much in character just gets me everytime. This ride was outstanding and it is truly what I looked forward to when coming into the park. I will never ever forget it.

I am a permanent resident of.. The Twilight Zone.

Please enjoy some of my memories below ❤️